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screwing it up? 

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You’re feeling nervous.

That 3rd cup of coffee isn’t helping.

All the efforts you’ve made in your solopreneur business have led you to this point.

You’re ready to scale and outsource

If you can just get through the interviews, HELP is on the other side.

But what comes next?! When you’ve brought on that new rockstar hire that’s ready to dive in and help!

Don't get hijacked by a complicated, messy onboarding process.

It takes just five simple steps to turn a prospective hire into your secret weapon with our
5 Easy Steps to Stress Free Onboarding guide.

New Hire 

Valuable Team Member

in 5…4…3…2…1!

Who We Are

The Successful CEO Moms aren’t just business owners. We’re moms and CEOs balancing multiple businesses, managing teams, and hiring kick-butt freelancers on the regular.

We know the stress of doing it all on your own because we’ve been there and have the well-earned scars to prove it.

Don’t let your upward trajectory turn into a downward spiral. You can nail the onboarding and grow a loyal team FAST.

Are you ready to onboard your new hire with our 5 Easy Steps?

Successful CEO Moms

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